Labor trafficking

Labor trafficking is the most common form of worldwide slavery, particularly with children. It ranges from private business to large corporations. Labor trafficking is in two categories:
Bonded labor: labor is demanded as a repayment of a loans where the terms and conditions are not defined or the service rendered is not applied in a way to meet the said debt. The slave is then trapped where no matter how much they work, the debt will never be paid off because their “earnings” do not make enough to meet the interest and debt accrued.
Forced labor: a slave forced to work against their will, threatened violence or other form of punishment. Ownership over the person requires very little freedom for the slave (this type of slavery was common in the U.S. before the abolition of slavery some 150 years ago).

Types of labor trafficking include, but not exclusive, are:
Agricultural labor
Domestic servitude
Food service
Sweatshop factory work
Other service industry labor

(source: U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services)


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